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Easy Delicious Burgers
Turkey Burgers

Easy Delicious Burgers
There isn't a shortage of opinions on how to make the best burgers, so why not share mine?
Everyone likes their burgers juicy.

Note: according to my current package of frozen beef burgers, "Burgers should be cooked through.  Juices should run clear and the center should not be pink.  Beef burger should be cooked to an internal temperature of 160º."   "Use a meat thermometer and cook meat to a uniform temperature of 160º."     

Meat, equipment options and techniques.
  • I usually stock frozen sirloin patties purchased from my local warehouse clubs.  The package has 1/3 pound patties, 18 to a package, 6 pounds' total.
  • Equipment, I have an old TEC Sterland III Grill with three 18,000 BTU Infrared heating elements purchased about 20 years ago.  Just to validate my love and loyalty to that specific grill, I have three new replacement ceramic heating elements in my attic to resuscitate my grill if any or all of it's three burners die!  I love that grill!  However, any high BTU output burner certainly will work. 
  • Surprise alternative, I use my 1 quart CIRCULON, Premier Professional "TOTAL NONSTICK SYSTEM" 1-qt. pan or similar.  Mine is about 5 5/8 inches inside diameter, just the right size to cook one patty with enough space to flip and remove it.
Grill method
  • Start with totally frozen burgers.  Brush oil on each side and place them over a preheated burner.  Season exposed surface with salt and pepper.  When the top surfaces begin to thaw and sweat, flip them over, season, add your favorite cheese and char to doneness.  
  • For double burgers, when the first side is ready, flip one burger over, add seasoning and cheese and top with charged side of the other burger.  When the bottom burger is cooked, flip both over and cook the second side.  Test for doneness and escort your burgers quickly find their way to their bun or plate to capture all its juices.
Pot method
  • Place oil in the bottom of the pot along with seasoning.  Cover and when the pot is hot add the burger and cover again.  Just like the grill method, flip when top surface is sweating, season, add cheese then recover.  The burger with the steam captured cooks quickly.  For a double use the same technique as above.  
  • The advantages of the pot method, it's convenient especially with single servings and anytime I remove the cover, I do it while over the kitchen sink eliminating stove and burner splashing (happy wife).  You will be amazed how moist the burger remains.   
Turkey Burgers
Turkey burgers don't have the fat content beef burgers have and for safety reasons, they need to reach an internal temperature of 165º minimum when cooking and juices need to be clear.  Grills cook with especially dry heat creating additional challenges.  Cooking in a pot introduces oil.  The pot not only sears the burger but steams the burgers with natural juices helping them retain moisture while cooking through.  Cook one side until the burger defrosts and soften through.  Flip over and to cook the other side and to reach the safe minimal internal temperature of 165º with a thermometer and juices are clear.